PSoC 6 Peripheral Driver Library
PDL API Reference
The following provides a list of driver API documentation
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 BLE ECO (BLE ECO Clock)This driver provides an API to manage the BLE ECO clock block
 CAN FD (CAN with Flexible Data-Rate)The CAN FD driver provides an easy method to access the CAN FD IP block registers and provides simple functionality for sending and receiving data between devices in the CAN FD network
 Crypto (Cryptography)The Crypto driver provides a public API to perform cryptographic and hash operations, as well as generate both true and pseudo random numbers
 CSD (CapSense Sigma Delta)The CSD HW block enables multiple sensing capabilities on PSoC devices, including self-cap and mutual-cap capacitive touch sensing solutions, a 10-bit ADC, IDAC, and Comparator
 CTB (Continuous Time Block)This driver provides API functions to configure and use the analog CTB
 CTDAC (Continuous Time Digital to Analog Converter)The CTDAC driver provides APIs to configure the 12-bit Continuous-Time DAC
 DMA (Direct Memory Access)Configures a DMA channel and its descriptor(s)
 DMAC (Direct Memory Access Controller)Configures the DMA Controller block, channels and descriptors
 eFuse (Electronic Fuses)Electronic Fuses (eFuses) are non-volatile memory where each bit is one-time programmable (OTP)
 Flash (Flash System Routine)Internal flash memory programming
 GPIO (General Purpose Input Output)The GPIO driver provides an API to configure and access device Input/Output pins
 I2S (Inter-IC Sound)The I2S driver provides a function API to manage Inter-IC Sound
 IPC (Inter Process Communication)The inter-processor communication (IPC) driver provides a safe and reliable method to transfer data between CPUs
 LPComp (Low Power Comparator)Provides access to the low-power comparators implemented using the fixed-function LP comparator block that is present in PSoC 6
 LVD (Low-Voltage-Detect)The LVD driver provides an API to manage the Low Voltage Detection block
 MCWDT (Multi-Counter Watchdog)A MCWDT has two 16-bit counters and one 32-bit counter
 PDM_PCM (PDM-PCM Converter)The pulse-density modulation to pulse-code modulation (PDM-PCM) driver provides an API to manage PDM-PCM conversion
 PRA (Protected Register Access)
 Profile (Energy Profiler)The energy profiler driver is an API for configuring and using the profile hardware block
 Prot (Protection Unit)The Protection Unit driver provides an API to configure the Memory Protection Units (MPU), Shared Memory Protection Units (SMPU), and Peripheral Protection Units (PPU)
 RTC (Real-Time Clock)The Real-Time Clock (RTC) driver provides an application interface for keeping track of time and date
 SAR (SAR ADC Subsystem)This driver configures and controls the SAR ADC subsystem block
 SCB (Serial Communication Block)The Serial Communications Block (SCB) supports three serial communication protocols: Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART), and Inter Integrated Circuit (I2C or IIC)
 SD Host (SD Host Controller)This driver provides the user an easy method for accessing standard Host Controller Interface (HCI) registers and provides some simple functionality on top of the HCI for reading and writing data to an SD card, eMMc card or a SDIO device
 SegLCD (Segment LCD)The Segment LCD Driver provides an API to configure and operate the MXLCD hardware block
 SmartIO (Smart I/O)The Smart I/O driver provides an API to configure and access the Smart I/O hardware present between the GPIOs (pins) and HSIOMs (pin muxes) on select device ports
 SMIF (Serial Memory Interface)The SPI-based communication interface to the external quad SPI (QSPI) high-speed memory devices
 Startup (System Configuration Files)Provides device startup, system configuration, and linker script files
 SysAnalog (System Analog Reference Block)This driver provides an interface for configuring the Analog Reference (AREF) block and querying the INTR_CAUSE register of the PASS
 SysClk (System Clock)The System Clock (SysClk) driver contains the API for configuring system and peripheral clocks
 SysInt (System Interrupt)The SysInt driver provides an API to configure the device peripheral interrupts
 SysLib (System Library)The system libraries provide APIs that can be called in the user application to handle the timing, logical checking or register
 SysPm (System Power Management)Use the System Power Management (SysPm) driver to change power modes and reduce system power consumption in power sensitive designs
 SysTick (ARM System Timer)Provides vendor-specific SysTick API
 TCPWM (Timer Counter PWM)The TCPWM driver is a multifunction driver that implements Timer Counter, PWM, and Quadrature Decoder functionality using the TCPWM block
 TrigMux (Trigger Multiplexer)The trigger multiplexer provides access to the multiplexer that selects a set of trigger output signals from different peripheral blocks to route them to the specific trigger input of another peripheral block
 USBFS (USB Full-Speed Device)The USBFS driver provides an API to interact with a fixed-function USB block
 WDT (Watchdog Timer)The Watchdog timer (WDT) has a 16-bit free-running up-counter