PSoC 6 Peripheral Driver Library

General Description


cy_en_ble_eco_status_t Cy_BLE_EcoConfigure (cy_en_ble_eco_freq_t freq, cy_en_ble_eco_sys_clk_div_t sysClkDiv, uint32_t cLoad, uint32_t xtalStartUpTime, cy_en_ble_eco_voltage_reg_t voltageReg)
 This API configures and enables the BLE ECO clock. More...
void Cy_BLE_EcoReset (void)
 This API resets and disables the BLE ECO clock. More...
__STATIC_INLINE bool Cy_BLE_EcoIsEnabled (void)
 Reports the Enabled/Disabled BLE ECO status. More...

Function Documentation

◆ Cy_BLE_EcoConfigure()

cy_en_ble_eco_status_t Cy_BLE_EcoConfigure ( cy_en_ble_eco_freq_t  freq,
cy_en_ble_eco_sys_clk_div_t  sysClkDiv,
uint32_t  cLoad,
uint32_t  xtalStartUpTime,
cy_en_ble_eco_voltage_reg_t  voltageReg 

This API configures and enables the BLE ECO clock.

If Cy_BLE_Enable() API is called by the application, the stack enables the BLE ECO clock automatically with the following default parameters:

Parameter Value

If there is a need to start the BLE ECO with non-default parameters, call the Cy_BLE_EcoConfigure() function with the custom configuration each time before calling the Cy_BLE_Enable() function.

This clock is stopped in Deep Sleep and Hibernate power modes.

freq- Operating frequency of the crystal, type of cy_en_ble_eco_freq_t.
sysClkDiv- System divider for ECO clock, type of cy_en_ble_eco_sys_clk_div_t.
cLoad- ECO crystal load capacitance in multiple of 0.075pF (pF_from_user valid range: 7.5...26.625pF) cLoad = ((pF_from_user - 7.5)/0.075)
xtalStartUpTime- ECO crystal startup time in multiple of 31.25us (startup_time_from_user valid range: 400...4593.75us) xtalStartUpTime = startup_time_from_user/31.25
voltageReg- BLE Voltage regulator, type of cy_en_ble_eco_voltage_reg_t.
cy_en_ble_eco_status_t : The return value indicates if the function succeeded or failed. The possible error codes:
Error Codes Description
CY_BLE_ECO_SUCCESS The function completed successfully.
CY_BLE_ECO_BAD_PARAM The wrong input parameter.
CY_BLE_ECO_RCB_CONTROL_LL The RCB Control is with BLE Link Layer.
CY_BLE_ECO_ALREADY_STARTED The BLE ECO clock is already started.
CY_BLE_ECO_HARDWARE_ERROR The RCB or BLE ECO operation failed.

For the PSoC 64 devices, there are possible situations when the function returns the PRA error status code. This is because for PSoC 64 devices, the function uses the PRA driver to change the frequency value on the protected side. Refer to cy_en_pra_status_t for more details.

Function Usage
/* BLE ECO configuration: ECO Frequency: 32 MHZ, Divider: 2 */
/* Start-up time(uS): 1500, Load cap(pF): 9.9 */
uint32_t startTime = (uint32_t)(1500 / 31.25);
uint32_t loadCap = (uint32_t)((9.9 - 7.5) / 0.075);
/* Configure the BLE ECO clock */
/* In case if there is a need to get the BLE ECO frequency */
uint32_t bleEcoFreq = Cy_SysClk_AltHfGetFrequency();
Side Effects
The I/O pins will be automatically unfrozen coming out of Hibernate when the BLE ECO is in use.
Limitation: Do not call this API if the BLE is executed with LPM. There is a risk that when the Cy_BLE_EcoConfigure() function is called on one core, the BLE is in Deep Sleep mode on the other core. It will cause a fault hard exception.

◆ Cy_BLE_EcoReset()

void Cy_BLE_EcoReset ( void  )

This API resets and disables the BLE ECO clock.


◆ Cy_BLE_EcoIsEnabled()

__STATIC_INLINE bool Cy_BLE_EcoIsEnabled ( void  )

Reports the Enabled/Disabled BLE ECO status.

Boolean status of BLE ECO: true - Enabled, false - Disabled.