PSoC 6 Peripheral Driver Library

General Description

Macros to check current I2C master status returned by Cy_SCB_I2C_MasterGetStatus function.

Each I2C master status is encoded in a separate bit, therefore multiple bits may be set to indicate the current status.


#define CY_SCB_I2C_MASTER_BUSY   (0x00010000UL)
 The master is busy executing operation started by Cy_SCB_I2C_MasterRead or Cy_SCB_I2C_MasterWrite.
#define CY_SCB_I2C_MASTER_WR_IN_FIFO   (0x00020000UL)
 All Write data has been loaded into the TX FIFO.
#define CY_SCB_I2C_MASTER_ADDR_NAK   (0x00100000UL)
 The slave NACKed the address. More...
#define CY_SCB_I2C_MASTER_DATA_NAK   (0x00200000UL)
 Write completed before all bytes were sent (last byte was NAKed)
#define CY_SCB_I2C_MASTER_ARB_LOST   (0x00400000UL)
 The master lost arbitration, the transaction was aborted.
#define CY_SCB_I2C_MASTER_BUS_ERR   (0x00800000UL)
 The master detected an erroneous start or stop, the transaction was aborted.
#define CY_SCB_I2C_MASTER_ABORT_START   (0x01000000UL)
 The master transaction was aborted and the slave transaction is on-going because the slave was addressed before the master generated a start.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define CY_SCB_I2C_MASTER_ADDR_NAK   (0x00100000UL)

The slave NACKed the address.