PSoC 6 Peripheral Driver Library

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 USBFS Driver major version.
 USBFS Driver minor version.
#define CY_USBFS_ID   CY_PDL_DRV_ID(0x3BU)
 USBFS Driver identifier.
#define CY_USBFS_MODE_POS   (15UL)
 USBFS Driver mode position in STATUS CODE: 0 - Device, 1 - Host.
 USBFS Driver status code Device.
#define CY_USBFS_DEV_DRV_ALLOC_ENDPOINT_BUFFER(buf, size)   uint8_t buf[(0U != ((size) & 0x1U)) ? ((size) + 1U) : (size)] CY_ALIGN(2)
 Allocates a static buffer for the data endpoint. More...

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)    uint8_t buf[(0U != ((size) & 0x1U)) ? ((size) + 1U) : (size)] CY_ALIGN(2)

Allocates a static buffer for the data endpoint.

The size parameter must be a constant. The allocated buffer is aligned to a 2-byte boundary. An odd buffer size is converted to even, consuming 1 extra byte. The application must discard this extra byte to support different 8-bit and 16-bit hardware buffer access types in the driver. For more detail, refer to Hardware Buffer Access.