PSoC 6 Peripheral Driver Library

General Description

API Reference

 UART IRDA Low Power Oversample factors
 UART RX FIFO status.
 Macros to check UART RX FIFO status returned by Cy_SCB_UART_GetRxFifoStatus function or assign mask for Cy_SCB_UART_ClearRxFifoStatus function.
 UART TX FIFO Statuses
 Macros to check UART TX FIFO status returned by Cy_SCB_UART_GetTxFifoStatus function or assign mask for Cy_SCB_UART_ClearTxFifoStatus function.
 UART Receive Statuses
 Macros to check current UART receive status returned by Cy_SCB_UART_GetReceiveStatus function.
 UART Transmit Status
 Macros to check current UART transmit status returned by Cy_SCB_UART_GetTransmitStatus function.
 UART Callback Events
 Macros to check UART events passed by cy_cb_scb_uart_handle_events_t callback.


 Data returned by the hardware when an empty RX FIFO is read.