PSoC 6 Peripheral Driver Library

General Description


 The driver major version.
 The driver minor version.
#define CY_DMA_ID   (CY_PDL_DRV_ID(0x13U))
 The DMA driver identifier.
#define CY_DMA_INTR_MASK   (0x01UL)
 The DMA channel interrupt mask.
 The minimum X/Y Count API parameters.
#define CY_DMA_LOOP_COUNT_MAX   (256UL)
 The maximum X/Y Count API parameters.
#define CY_DMA_LOOP_INCREMENT_MIN   (-2048L)
 The minimum X/Y Increment API parameters.
 The maximum X/Y Increment API parameters.
#define CY_DMA_BWC   (0U) /* Disabled by default */
 The backward compatibility flag. More...

Macro Definition Documentation


#define CY_DMA_BWC   (0U) /* Disabled by default */

The backward compatibility flag.

Enables a group of macros which provide the backward compatibility with most of the DMA driver version 1.0 interface.