PSoC 6 Peripheral Driver Library

General Description

API Reference

 TCPWM Input Selection
 Selects which input to use.
 Input Modes
 Configures how TCPWM inputs behave.
 Interrupt Sources
 Interrupt Sources.
 Default registers constants
 Default constants for CNT Registers.


 Driver major version.
 Driver minor version.
#define CY_TCPWM_ID   (CY_PDL_DRV_ID(0x2DU))
 TCPWM driver identifier.
 Position of Up counting counter status.
#define CY_TCPWM_CNT_UP_INIT_VAL   (0x0U)
 Initial value for the counter in the Up counting mode.
 Initial value for the counter in the Up/Down counting modes.