PSoC 6 Peripheral Driver Library
cy_stc_canfd_config_t Struct Reference


CAN FD configuration.

Data Fields

cy_canfd_tx_msg_func_ptr_t txCallback
 Callback function for transmit completed. More...
cy_canfd_rx_msg_func_ptr_t rxCallback
 Callback function for receive completed. More...
cy_canfd_error_func_ptr_t errorCallback
 Callback function for CAN related errors. More...
bool canFDMode
 TRUE:CAN FD mode, FALSE:Classic CAN mode.
const cy_stc_canfd_bitrate_tbitrate
 CAN bitrate setting.
const cy_stc_canfd_bitrate_tfastBitrate
 CAN Fast bitrate setting.
const cy_stc_canfd_transceiver_delay_compensation_ttdcConfig
 CAN transceiver delay compensation setting.
const cy_stc_canfd_sid_filter_config_tsidFilterConfig
 CAN Standard ID filter setting.
const cy_stc_canfd_extid_filter_config_textidFilterConfig
 CAN Extended ID filter setting.
const cy_stc_canfd_global_filter_config_tglobalFilterConfig
 CAN global filter setting.
cy_en_canfd_buffer_data_size_t rxBufferDataSize
 Rx Buffer Data Size.
cy_en_canfd_buffer_data_size_t rxFIFO1DataSize
 Rx FIFO 1 Data Size.
cy_en_canfd_buffer_data_size_t rxFIFO0DataSize
 Rx FIFO 0 Data Size.
cy_en_canfd_buffer_data_size_t txBufferDataSize
 Tx Buffer Data Size.
const cy_en_canfd_fifo_config_trxFIFO0Config
 Rx FIFO 0 configuration.
const cy_en_canfd_fifo_config_trxFIFO1Config
 Rx FIFO 1 configuration.
uint8_t noOfRxBuffers
 Number of Rx Buffers (Max 64)
uint8_t noOfTxBuffers
 Number of Rx Buffers (Max 32)
uint32_t messageRAMaddress
 The start address of Message RAM for the channel.
uint32_t messageRAMsize
 The size in bytes of Message RAM for the channel.

Field Documentation

◆ txCallback

cy_canfd_tx_msg_func_ptr_t cy_stc_canfd_config_t::txCallback

Callback function for transmit completed.

Can be NULL

◆ rxCallback

cy_canfd_rx_msg_func_ptr_t cy_stc_canfd_config_t::rxCallback

Callback function for receive completed.

Can be NULL

◆ errorCallback

cy_canfd_error_func_ptr_t cy_stc_canfd_config_t::errorCallback

Callback function for CAN related errors.

Can be NULL