PSoC 6 Peripheral Driver Library


This is the definition of a pipe endpoint.

There is one endpoint structure for each CPU in a pipe. It contains all the information to process a message send to other CPUs in the pipe.

Data Fields

uint32_t ipcChan
 IPC channel number used for this endpoint to receive messages.
uint32_t intrChan
 IPC interrupt channel number used for this endpoint to receive interrupts.
uint32_t pipeIntMask
 Release/Notify interrupt mask that includes all endpoints on pipe.
IRQn_Type pipeIntrSrc
 Interrupt vector number that includes all endpoints on pipe.
 Pointer to receive IPC channel ( If ipcPtr == NULL, cannot receive )
IPC_INTR_STRUCT_Type * ipcIntrPtr
 Pointer to IPC interrupt, needed to clear the interrupt.
uint32_t busy
 Endpoint busy flag. More...
uint32_t clientCount
 Client count and size of MsgCallback array.
cy_ipc_pipe_callback_array_ptr_t callbackArray
 Pointer to array of callback functions, one for each Client.
cy_ipc_pipe_relcallback_ptr_t releaseCallbackPtr
 Pointer to release callback function.
cy_ipc_pipe_relcallback_ptr_t defaultReleaseCallbackPtr
 Pointer to default release callback function.

Field Documentation

◆ busy

uint32_t cy_stc_ipc_pipe_ep_t::busy

Endpoint busy flag.

If sent no messages can be sent from this endpoint