PDStack Middleware Library 2.0
cy_stc_pdstack_pe_status_t Struct Reference


Structure to hold the Policy Engine Status.

Data Fields

cy_stc_pd_packet_extd_t * rcvdPtr
 Pointer to received packet.
cy_stc_pd_packet_extd_t rcvdPkt
 Currently received packet.
cy_stc_pdstack_pd_packet_t vdmPkt
 Eval VDM local buffer.
cy_stc_pdstack_pd_packet_t dpmResp
 Stores the DPM command response.
cy_stc_pdstack_pd_packet_t srcCap
 Stores the current source cap received.
cy_pd_pd_do_t tempDo
 Temporary buffer for sending VDM commands.
app_resp_t appResp
 Temporary buffer for storing APP response.
vdm_resp_t vdmResp
 VDM response from APP stored here.
cy_stc_pdstack_dpm_pd_cmd_buf_t vsBuf
 VCONN swap command buffer.
cy_stc_pdstack_dpm_pd_cmd_buf_t cblBuf
 Cable command buffer.
uint8_t hardResetCount
 Hard reset counter.
uint8_t srcCapCount
 Source capability counter.
uint8_t cblDscIdCount
 CBL dsc id count.
bool prSwap
 Indicate power role swap going on.
uint16_t prSwapCount
 Counts PR swap requests if VCONN swap is pending.
bool snkGoToMin
 Indicate go to min request received from source.
bool srcGoToMin
 Indicate go to min need to be sent by source(requested by dpm)
bool isVconnSwapActive
 Indicate VCONN swap need to be performed.
uint8_t vsCount
 Current count of VCONN Swap tries.
bool vsWait
 Flag to indicate waiting for response.
pd_ams_type_t amsType
 Flag to indicate AMS is continued from previous transition.
cy_en_pd_sop_t sendMsgSop
 Stores send message sop type.
cy_en_pdstack_pd_msg_class_t sendMsgClass
 Stores send message class.
uint8_t sendMsgType
 Send message type.
uint8_t sendMsgCount
 Send message count.
cy_pdstack_extd_hdr_t sendextdhdr
 Send extended header.
uint16_t sendMsgTimeout
 Send message timeout.
void * sendMsgPtr
 Send message data pointer.
cy_en_pdstack_pd_msg_class_t expMsgClass
 Stores expected message class.
uint32_t expMsgMask
 Expected message mask.
uint16_t expMsgLen
 Expected message length.
cy_en_pdstack_app_req_status_t appReqRslt
 Temporary buffer for APP req response.
cy_stc_pdstack_contract_t contract
 Temporary contract status.
cy_pd_pd_do_t snkRdo
 Temporary rdo sent by sink.
cy_pd_pd_do_t snkSelPdo
 Temporary Selected pdo(among source cap) by sink.
cy_pd_pd_do_t srcSelPdo
 Temporary Selected pdo(among source cap) of source.
cy_en_pdstack_app_req_status_t swapEvtResp
 Temporary store for status of app swap complete event.
cy_stc_pdstack_pd_contract_info_t contractEvtResp
 Temporary store for app PD contract event status.
cy_en_pd_sop_t sopType
 Temporary variable to hold sop type.
bool psHrDelay
 Flag to indicate PSHardResetDelay required.
bool sendSrcCapDebounce
 Flag determines srccap start debounce in progress.
cy_en_pd_ctrl_msg_t swapType
 Store received/sent swap type.
bool pePsrcEnDelayed
 Flag indicating PSRC enable call has been delayed. More...
volatile bool peSendHrPending
 Flag that indicates that Hard Reset sending is pending. More...

Field Documentation

◆ pePsrcEnDelayed

bool cy_stc_pdstack_pe_status_t::pePsrcEnDelayed

Flag indicating PSRC enable call has been delayed.

◆ peSendHrPending

volatile bool cy_stc_pdstack_pe_status_t::peSendHrPending

Flag that indicates that Hard Reset sending is pending.