PDStack Middleware Library 2.0
cy_stc_pdstack_dpm_pd_cmd_buf_t Struct Reference


Struct to hold PD command buffer.

When providing pointer to the extended data make sure original buffer is always 4-byte aligned. i.e, even if 1 byte data is required, 4 bytes should be used to store that data.

Data Fields

cy_en_pd_sop_t cmdSop
 SOP type.
cy_en_pdstack_extd_msg_t extdType
 Extended Message Type.
cy_pdstack_extd_hdr_t extdHdr
 Extended Header.
uint8_t noOfCmdDo
 No of data objects including VDM header.
uint8_t * datPtr
 Data Pointer in case of extended message only.
uint8_t timeout
 Timeout value, in ms, for a response. More...
cy_pd_pd_do_t cmdDo [CY_PD_MAX_NO_OF_DO]
 Command data objects. More...

Field Documentation

◆ timeout

uint8_t cy_stc_pdstack_dpm_pd_cmd_buf_t::timeout

Timeout value, in ms, for a response.

If set to zero, the PD stack will not wait for a VDM response and jump to ready state after this buffer has been sent.

◆ cmdDo

cy_pd_pd_do_t cy_stc_pdstack_dpm_pd_cmd_buf_t::cmdDo[CY_PD_MAX_NO_OF_DO]

Command data objects.