PDStack Middleware Library 2.0
cy_stc_pdstack_epr_t Struct Reference


Extended Power Range structure.

This structure holds the copy of EPR configuration associated with a port on the CCG device. Values used for EPR implementation.

Initial elements of this structure maps directly to config table fields and hence must not be moved around or changed.

Data Fields

uint8_t len
 Length of epr in config table.
uint8_t srcEnable
 EPR SRC support enable/disable.
uint8_t srcPdoMask
 Default EPR SRC PDO enable mask.
uint8_t srcPdoCount
 Number of valid EPR SRC PDOs in the table.
cy_pd_pd_do_t srcPdo [CY_PD_MAX_NO_OF_EPR_PDO]
 EPR SRC PDO data array.
uint8_t reserved
 Needed for bytes alignment with config table.
uint8_t snkEnable
 EPR SNK support enable/disable.
uint8_t snkPdoMask
 Default EPR SNK PDO enable mask.
uint8_t snkPdoCount
 Number of valid EPR SNK PDOs in the table.
cy_pd_pd_do_t snkPdo [CY_PD_MAX_NO_OF_EPR_PDO]
 EPR SNK PDO data array.