CSDIDAC Middleware Library 2.10
cy_stc_csdidac_context_t Struct Reference


The CSDIDAC context structure, that contains the internal middleware data.

Data Fields

cy_stc_csdidac_config_t cfgCopy
 A configuration structure copy. More...
cy_en_csdidac_polarity_t polarityA
 The current IdacA polarity. More...
cy_en_csdidac_lsb_t lsbA
 The current IdacA LSB. More...
uint8_t codeA
 The current IdacA code. More...
cy_en_csdidac_state_t channelStateA
 The IDAC channel A is enabled. More...
cy_en_csdidac_polarity_t polarityB
 The current IdacB polarity. More...
cy_en_csdidac_lsb_t lsbB
 The current IdacB LSB. More...
uint8_t codeB
 The current IdacB code. More...
cy_en_csdidac_state_t channelStateB
 The IDAC channel B is enabled. More...

Field Documentation

◆ cfgCopy

cy_stc_csdidac_config_t cy_stc_csdidac_context_t::cfgCopy

A configuration structure copy.

◆ polarityA

cy_en_csdidac_polarity_t cy_stc_csdidac_context_t::polarityA

The current IdacA polarity.

◆ lsbA

cy_en_csdidac_lsb_t cy_stc_csdidac_context_t::lsbA

The current IdacA LSB.

◆ codeA

uint8_t cy_stc_csdidac_context_t::codeA

The current IdacA code.

◆ channelStateA

cy_en_csdidac_state_t cy_stc_csdidac_context_t::channelStateA

The IDAC channel A is enabled.

◆ polarityB

cy_en_csdidac_polarity_t cy_stc_csdidac_context_t::polarityB

The current IdacB polarity.

◆ lsbB

cy_en_csdidac_lsb_t cy_stc_csdidac_context_t::lsbB

The current IdacB LSB.

◆ codeB

uint8_t cy_stc_csdidac_context_t::codeB

The current IdacB code.

◆ channelStateB

cy_en_csdidac_state_t cy_stc_csdidac_context_t::channelStateB

The IDAC channel B is enabled.