CSDIDAC Middleware Library 2.10
Data Structures

General Description

Describes the data structures defined by the CSDIDAC.

The CSDIDAC middleware use structures for output channel pins, middleware configuration, and context. The pin structure is included in the configuration structure and both of them can be defined by the user with the CSD personality in the Device Configurator or manually if the user doesn't use ModusToolbox. The context structure contains a copy of the configuration structure and current CSDIDAC middleware state data. The context structure should be allocated by the user and be passed to all CSDIDAC middleware functions. CSDIDAC middleware structure sizes are shown in the table below:

StructureSize in bytes (w/o padding)
cy_stc_csdidac_pin_t 5
cy_stc_csdidac_config_t 23
cy_stc_csdidac_context_t 31

Data Structures

struct  cy_stc_csdidac_pin_t
 The CSDIDAC pin structure. More...
struct  cy_stc_csdidac_config_t
 The CSDIDAC configuration structure. More...
struct  cy_stc_csdidac_context_t
 The CSDIDAC context structure, that contains the internal middleware data. More...