PSoC 4 Peripheral Driver Library - Alpha
cy_stc_scb_ezi2c_config_t Struct Reference


EZI2C slave configuration structure.

Data Fields

cy_en_scb_ezi2c_num_of_addr_t numberOfAddresses
 The number of supported addresses either.
uint8_t slaveAddress1
 The 7-bit right justified primary slave address.
uint8_t slaveAddress2
 The 7-bit right justified secondary slave address.
cy_en_scb_ezi2c_sub_addr_size_t subAddressSize
 The size of the sub-address, can either be 8 or 16 bits.
bool enableWakeFromSleep
 When set, the slave will wake the device from Deep Sleep on an address match (The device datasheet must be consulted to determine which SCBs support this mode)