PSoC 4 Peripheral Driver Library - Alpha
Assert Classes and Levels

General Description

Defines for the Assert Classes and Levels.


#define CY_ASSERT_CLASS_1   (1U)
 Class 1 - The highest class, safety-critical functions which rely on parameters that could be changed between different PSoC devices.
#define CY_ASSERT_CLASS_2   (2U)
 Class 2 - Functions that have fixed limits such as counter periods (16-bits/32-bits etc.)
#define CY_ASSERT_CLASS_3   (3U)
 Class 3 - Functions that accept enums as constant parameters.
 The user-definable assert level from compiler command-line argument (similarly to DEBUG / NDEBUG)
#define CY_ASSERT_L1(x)   CY_ASSERT(x)
 Assert Level 1.
#define CY_ASSERT_L2(x)   CY_ASSERT(x)
 Assert Level 2.
#define CY_ASSERT_L3(x)   CY_ASSERT(x)
 Assert Level 3.