PSoC 4 Peripheral Driver Library - Alpha
I2C Address Callback Events

General Description

Macros to check I2C address events passed by cy_cb_scb_i2c_handle_addr_t callback.

Each event is encoded in a separate bit and therefore it is possible to notify about multiple events.


 Indicates the slave was addressed by the general call address.
#define CY_SCB_I2C_ADDR_IN_FIFO_EVENT   (0x02UL)
 The slave address is in the RX FIFO. More...

Macro Definition Documentation


#define CY_SCB_I2C_ADDR_IN_FIFO_EVENT   (0x02UL)

The slave address is in the RX FIFO.

Note that the address must be read from the RX FIFO using the Cy_SCB_ReadRxFifo function.