PDStack Middleware Library 2.0
cy_stc_pdstack_typec_status_t Struct Reference


Type C Manager Status structure.

This structure holds all of the configuration and status information associated with the Type C Manager. Members of this structure should not be directly modified by any of the application code.

Data Fields

uint8_t randUpdt
 Flag to indicate start of drp random timeout update cycle.
bool volatile rdDebounce
 Flag to indicate rd debounce reset.
bool psrcEn
 Flag to indicate power source enable is going on.
bool vbusUnexpected
 Flag to indicate unexpected vbus detected by source before applying vbus.
bool portDisable
 Flag to indicate port disable is going on.
uint8_t curPeriod
 Current period (sink or source)
bool volatile toggleOn
 Flag to indicate toggle timer On.
bool volatile discharge
 Flag to indicate attempt to discharge if vbus seen before applying vbus is over.
bool volatile ccStatusDebounced [2]
 Flag to indicate cc status debounced to avoid race condition in going to deepsleep.
bool volatile srcDisableWait
 Flag to indicate that source disable operation is in progress. More...

Field Documentation

◆ srcDisableWait

bool volatile cy_stc_pdstack_typec_status_t::srcDisableWait

Flag to indicate that source disable operation is in progress.