PDStack Middleware Library 2.0
cy_stc_pdstack_rtos_context_t Struct Reference


Structure to hold the RTOS interface.

The application is expected to fill the structure with pointers to RTOS wrapper functions .

The application must check the callback pointer passed by the stack is not NULL.

Data Fields

int32_t(* dpm_rtos_evt_give )(struct cy_stc_pdstack_context *ptrPdStackContext)
 DPM event give handler callback. More...
int32_t(* dpm_rtos_evt_take )(struct cy_stc_pdstack_context *ptrPdStackContext, uint32_t waitTick)
 DPM event take handler callback. More...

Field Documentation

◆ dpm_rtos_evt_give

int32_t(* cy_stc_pdstack_rtos_context_t::dpm_rtos_evt_give) (struct cy_stc_pdstack_context *ptrPdStackContext)

DPM event give handler callback.

◆ dpm_rtos_evt_take

int32_t(* cy_stc_pdstack_rtos_context_t::dpm_rtos_evt_take) (struct cy_stc_pdstack_context *ptrPdStackContext, uint32_t waitTick)

DPM event take handler callback.