PDStack Middleware Library 2.0
cy_stc_pdstack_pd_power_status_t Struct Reference


PD port status corresponding to the Status Data Block (SSDB) See Table 6-39 of USB-PD R3 specification.

Data Fields

uint8_t intlTemperature
 Port's internal temperature. More...
uint8_t presentInput
 Reports current input power status. More...
uint8_t batteryInput
 Reports the current battery status. More...
uint8_t eventFlags
 Event flags. More...
uint8_t tempStatus
 Temperature status. More...
uint8_t powerStatus
 Power status. More...
uint8_t powerStateChange
 Power state change. More...
uint8_t dummy
 Reserved field used for 4 byte alignment. More...

Field Documentation

◆ intlTemperature

uint8_t cy_stc_pdstack_pd_power_status_t::intlTemperature

Port's internal temperature.

0 if not supported.

◆ presentInput

uint8_t cy_stc_pdstack_pd_power_status_t::presentInput

Reports current input power status.

◆ batteryInput

uint8_t cy_stc_pdstack_pd_power_status_t::batteryInput

Reports the current battery status.

◆ eventFlags

uint8_t cy_stc_pdstack_pd_power_status_t::eventFlags

Event flags.

◆ tempStatus

uint8_t cy_stc_pdstack_pd_power_status_t::tempStatus

Temperature status.

◆ powerStatus

uint8_t cy_stc_pdstack_pd_power_status_t::powerStatus

Power status.

◆ powerStateChange

uint8_t cy_stc_pdstack_pd_power_status_t::powerStateChange

Power state change.

◆ dummy

uint8_t cy_stc_pdstack_pd_power_status_t::dummy

Reserved field used for 4 byte alignment.