PDStack Middleware Library 3.10
cy_pd_stack_conf_t Struct Reference


Structure used to fetch the PD stack configuration supported by the library that is currently in use.

Data Fields

bool sourceOnly
bool pdRev3
bool frsRx
bool frsTx

Field Documentation

◆ sourceOnly

bool cy_pd_stack_conf_t::sourceOnly
  • True: CY_PD_SOURCE_ONLY macro is enabled.
  • False: CY_PD_SOURCE_ONLY macro is disabled.

◆ pdRev3

bool cy_pd_stack_conf_t::pdRev3
  • True: CY_PD_REV3_ENABLE macro is enabled.
  • False: CY_PD_REV3_ENABLE macro is disabled.

◆ frsRx

bool cy_pd_stack_conf_t::frsRx
  • True: FRS receive is enabled.
  • False: FRS receive is disabled.

◆ frsTx

bool cy_pd_stack_conf_t::frsTx
  • True: FRS transmit is enabled.
  • False: FRS transmit is disabled.