CSDIDAC Middleware Library 2.10

General Description

This section describes the CSDIDAC macros.

These macros can be used for checking a maximum IDAC code and a maximum IDAC output current. For detailed information about macros, see each macro description.


 Middleware major version.
 Middleware minor version.
#define CY_CSDIDAC_MW_VERSION   (210)
 Middleware version.
#define CY_CSDIDAC_ID   (CY_PDL_DRV_ID(0x44u))
 CSDIDAC ID. More...
#define CY_CSDIDAC_MAX_CODE   (127u)
 The CSDIDAC max code value. More...
#define CY_CSDIDAC_MAX_CURRENT_NA   (609600uL)
 The CSDIDAC max output current value. More...

Macro Definition Documentation


#define CY_CSDIDAC_ID   (CY_PDL_DRV_ID(0x44u))


The user can identify the CSDIDAC middleware error codes by this macro.


#define CY_CSDIDAC_MAX_CODE   (127u)

The CSDIDAC max code value.

The user provides the code parameter for the Cy_CSDIDAC_OutputEnableExt() function in the range from 0u to CY_CSDIDAC_MAX_CODE.


#define CY_CSDIDAC_MAX_CURRENT_NA   (609600uL)

The CSDIDAC max output current value.

The user provides the value of the current parameter for the Cy_CSDIDAC_OutputEnable() function in range from 0 to +/-(CY_CSDIDAC_MAX_CURRENT_NA).