Cypress CSDADC Middleware Library 2.10
cy_stc_csdadc_config_t Struct Reference


CSDADC configuration structure.

Data Fields

const cy_stc_csdadc_ch_pin_tptrPinList
 Array of pointers to the channel IO structures.
CSD_Type * base
 Pointer to the CSD HW Block.
cy_stc_csd_context_t * csdCxtPtr
 Pointer to the CSD context driver.
uint32_t cpuClk
 CPU Clock in Hz.
uint32_t periClk
 Peri Clock in Hz.
int16_t vref
 Voltage Reference in mV.
uint16_t vdda
 Analog Power Voltage in mV.
uint16_t calibrInterval
 Interval for auto-calibration. More...
cy_en_csdadc_range_t range
 Mode of ADC operation.
cy_en_csdadc_resolution_t resolution
cy_en_divider_types_t periDivTyp
 Peri Clock divider type.
uint8_t numChannels
 Number of ADC channels.
uint8_t idac
 IDAC code.
uint8_t operClkDivider
 Divider of Peri Clock frequency for the CSDADC operation clock.
uint8_t azTime
 CSDADC auto-zero time in us.
uint8_t acqTime
 CSDADC acquisition time in us.
uint8_t csdInitTime
 CSD HW Block Initialization time in us.
uint8_t idacCalibrationEn
 Enables run-time IDAC calibration. More...
uint8_t periDivInd
 Peri Clock divider index.

Field Documentation

◆ calibrInterval

uint16_t cy_stc_csdadc_config_t::calibrInterval

Interval for auto-calibration.

In this version not supported

◆ idacCalibrationEn

uint8_t cy_stc_csdadc_config_t::idacCalibrationEn

Enables run-time IDAC calibration.

In this version not supported