CAPSENSE™ Middleware Library 4.0
Data Structure

General Description

The CAPSENSE™ Data Structure organizes configuration parameters, input, and output data shared among different FW modules within the CAPSENSE™.

The key responsibilities of the Data Structure are as follows:

The CAPSENSE™ Data Structure is a composite of several smaller structures (for global / common data, widget data, sensor data, and pin data). Furthermore, the data is split between RAM and Flash to achieve a reasonable balance between resources consumption and configuration / tuning flexibility at runtime and compile time. A graphical representation of the CAPSENSE™ Data Structure is shown below.

Note that figure below shows a sample representation and documents the high-level design of the data structure, it does not include all the parameters and elements in each object.

CAPSENSE™ Data Structure

CAPSENSE™ Data Structure does not perform error checking on the data written to CAPSENSE™ Data Structure. It is the responsibility of application program to ensure register map rule are not violated while modifying the value of data field in CAPSENSE™ Data Structure.

Note: If the middleware configuration from the application program is changed by writing registers to the data structure, call the Cy_CapSense_Enable() function to repeat the initialization process.

API Reference

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