Bluetooth Host Stack Library
wiced_bt_cfg_ble_t Struct Reference


BLE configuration settings.

Data Fields

uint8_t ble_max_simultaneous_links
 Max number for simultaneous connections for a layer, profile, protocol.
uint16_t ble_max_rx_pdu_size
 Maximum size allowed for any received L2CAP PDU Minimum value - 65 (to support SM) Maximum GATT MTU over legacy bearers shall be set to <= this value Maximum MPS for EATT channels shall be set to <= this value.
wiced_bt_gatt_appearance_t appearance
 Device appearance to be sent out during advertising.
uint16_t rpa_refresh_timeout
 Interval of random address refreshing - secs. More...
uint16_t host_addr_resolution_db_size
 addr resolution db size
const wiced_bt_cfg_ble_scan_settings_tp_ble_scan_cfg
 BLE scan settings.
const wiced_bt_cfg_ble_advert_settings_tp_ble_advert_cfg
 BLE advertisement settings.
int8_t default_ble_power_level
 Default LE power level, Refer lm_TxPwrTable table for the power range.

Field Documentation

◆ rpa_refresh_timeout

uint16_t wiced_bt_cfg_ble_t::rpa_refresh_timeout

Interval of random address refreshing - secs.

The timeout value cannot be more than 1 hr = 3600s

BLE Privacy is disabled if the value is 0.