Bluetooth Host Stack Library
Common Bluetooth definitions

General Description

Common Bluetooth definitions.

API Reference

 AIROC Bluetooth Types
 AIROC Bluetooth Types.
 AIROC result
  Result types See wiced_result.h
#define WICED_BT_TRACE   BTU_trace_debug
 Debug trace macro.
#define WICED_BT_TRACE_ARRAY(ptr, len, string)   WICED_BT_TRACE("%s %A",string,ptr,len);
 Debug trace array macro.
#define WICED_BT_TRACE_CRIT   BTU_trace_error
 Error trace array macro.
#define WICED_FALSE   0
 AIROC false.
#define WICED_TRUE   1
 AIROC true.
#define FALSE   0
#define TRUE   1
#define WICED_BT_STRUCT_PACKED   struct
 packed structure
#define WICED_BT_UNION_PACKED   union
 packed union
#define WICED_SUPPRESS_WARNINGS(m)   if((m)){;}
 Surpress Warnings.
#define UNUSED_VARIABLE(x)   /*@-noeffect@*/ ( (void)(x) ) /*@+noeffect@*/
 Unused Variable.
#define WICED_MEMCPY(a, b, c)   memcpy((void*)(a), (const void*)(b), c)
 AIROC Memory copy.
#define WICED_MEMSET(a, b, c)   memset((void*)(a), b, c)
 AIROC Memory set.
#define WICED_MEMMOVE(a, b, c)   memmove((void*)(a), (const void*)(b), c)
 AIROC Memory move.
#define WICED_MEMCMP(a, b, c)   memcmp((void*)(a), (const void*)(b), c)
 AIROC Memory compare.
typedef unsigned int wiced_bool_t
 AIROC Boolean.
typedef void(* pf_wiced_exception) (uint16_t code, char *msg, void *ptr)
 Exception callback : More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ pf_wiced_exception

typedef void(* pf_wiced_exception) (uint16_t code, char *msg, void *ptr)

Exception callback :

Called by stack in case of unhandled exceptions and critical errors.

[in]code: Exception code
[in]msg: Exception string
[in]p_tr: Pointer to the data (based on the exception)