AIROC Bluetooth SDK Documentation v3.1
ModusToolbox contains the AIROC™ Bluetooth SDK, which supports multiple AIROC™ Bluetooth devices. SDK APIs are specific to each chip family of AIROC™ devices, and are documented separately per family with Doxygen generated API documentation. The links below contain Datasheets, Kit Guides, and Doxygen API documentation for each supported chip family.

To see docs for other versions, see the link here.
AIROC™ Chip Family Links
This section lists the supported chip families in this version of the Bluetooth SDK and provides links to open the chip-specific documentation for each.
CYW208XX Documentation for CYW208XX family devices (CYW20819A1 and CYW20820A1).
CYW20721B2 Documentation for the CYW20721B2 device.
CYW20719B2 Documentation for the CYW20719B2 device.
CYW20706A2 Documentation for the CYW20706A2 device.
CYW20735B1 Documentation for the CYW20735B1 device.
CYW20736A1 Documentation for the CYW20736A1 device.
CYW20739B2 Documentation for the CYW20739B2 device.
CYW20835B1 Documentation for the CYW20835B1 device.
CYW43012C0 Documentation for the CYW43012C0 device.