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AIROC™ CYW30739 Documentation

This page collects software and hardware documentation related to the CYW30739 family of devices and evaluation kits. Links to AIROC™ BTSDK software API reference material, user guides, and hardware documentation can be found below.

AIROC™ API Reference

  • CYW30739 API functions are logically grouped into Components.
  • API function prototypes are provided in the wiced_btsdk project under the following folders:
  • wiced_btsdk/dev-kit/btsdk-include

AIROC™ User Guides

AIROC™ Website

Further information about AIROC™ is available on the AIROC™ Website.
The website provides essential information to get started with AIROC™ including:

  • A summary of the latest software features and supported hardware
  • A list of trusted partners supplying AIROC™ development hardware and connectivity solutions
  • A list of Frequently Asked Questions
  • Downloads for the latest versions of ModusToolbox™ and the AIROC™ BTSDK and related documentation

Bluetooth® References

AIROC™ Community

General AIROC™ technical support is available on the Support Community forum.

AIROC™ BTSDK Licensing Information

AIROC™ BTSDK includes various Infineon copyright and third party software components.
The license agreement is available for review here.