Cypress PSoC 6 Bluetooth Low Energy Middleware Library 3.60
cy_stc_ble_l2cap_state_info_t Struct Reference


L2cap flow control state.

Data Fields

uint8_t flowState
 States indicated by flowState variable. More...
uint8_t bdHandle
 bd handle of the remote device

Field Documentation

◆ flowState

uint8_t cy_stc_ble_l2cap_state_info_t::flowState

States indicated by flowState variable.

CY_BLE_STACK_STATE_BUSY (0x01) = CY_BLE_STACK_STATE_BUSY indicates to the application that the BLE Stack's internal buffers are about to be filled, and the remaining buffers are required to respond to the peer BLE device. After this event, the application shall not initiate GATT, GAP Security, or L2CAP data transactions. However the application shall respond to peer initiated transactions to prevent BLE protocol timeouts from occurring. Application-initiated data transactions can be resumed after the CY_BLE_EVT_STACK_BUSY_STATUS event when parameter 'CY_BLE_STACK_STATE_FREE' is received.

CY_BLE_STACK_STATE_FREE (0x00) = CY_BLE_STACK_STATE_FREE indicates application that pending transactions are completed and sufficient buffers are available to process application-initiated transactions. The 'CY_BLE_EVT_STACK_BUSY_STATUS' event with 'CY_BLE_STACK_STATE_FREE' indicates to the application whether the BLE Stack's internal buffer state has transitioned from 'CY_BLE_STACK_STATE_BUSY' to 'CY_BLE_STACK_STATE_FREE'.