Cypress PSoC 6 Bluetooth Low Energy Middleware Library 3.60
cy_stc_ble_gap_sec_key_param_t Struct Reference


Security keys information.

Data Fields

uint8_t ltkInfo [CY_BLE_GAP_SMP_LTK_SIZE]
 Long Term Key.
uint8_t midInfo [CY_BLE_GAP_SMP_MID_INFO_SIZE]
 Encrypted Diversifier and Random Number.
uint8_t irkInfo [CY_BLE_GAP_SMP_IRK_SIZE]
 Identity Resolving Key.
 Public device/Static Random address type idAddrInfo[0] - Address Type idAddrInfo[1] to idAddrInfo[6] - Address.
uint8_t csrkInfo [CY_BLE_GAP_SMP_CSRK_SIZE]
 Connection Signature Resolving Key.
uint8_t bdHandle
 bd handle of the remote device