Cypress PSoC 6 Bluetooth Low Energy Middleware Library 3.60
cy_stc_ble_gap_oob_data_param_t Struct Reference


OOB data.

Data Fields

uint8_t bdHandle
 Peer bdHandle.
uint8_t status
 Status corresponding to this event will be HCI error code as defined in BLE spec 4.2.
uint8_t * key
 Rand for OOB. More...
uint8_t * oobData
 OOB Data using 'key' and local Public Key.
uint8_t oobDataLen
 Length of OOB data which is 16 Bytes for Secure connections.

Field Documentation

◆ key

uint8_t* cy_stc_ble_gap_oob_data_param_t::key

Rand for OOB.

This is also stored in BLE Stack