PDStack Middleware Library 2.0
cy_stc_sw_timer_t Struct Reference


Structure encapsulating information relating to a software timer context.

Data Fields

uint32_t sys_clk_freq
 SysTick clock frequency in MHz. More...
uint16_t volatile start_tick
 Tick time at timer start. More...
uint16_t volatile tick_time
 Tick time from the start to match. More...
uint16_t volatile match
 Match register content. More...
uint16_t multiplier
 Multiplier for 1ms interval.
cy_timer_t volatile timer_handle [TIMER_NUM_TIMERS]
 Handle for software timers. More...
uint8_t volatile num_active
 Number of active timers. More...
uint8_t volatile total_active
 Total number of active timers. More...
bool volatile is_callback
 Flag indicating whether invoked from timer callback. More...

Field Documentation

◆ sys_clk_freq

uint32_t cy_stc_sw_timer_t::sys_clk_freq

SysTick clock frequency in MHz.

◆ start_tick

uint16_t volatile cy_stc_sw_timer_t::start_tick

Tick time at timer start.

◆ tick_time

uint16_t volatile cy_stc_sw_timer_t::tick_time

Tick time from the start to match.

◆ match

uint16_t volatile cy_stc_sw_timer_t::match

Match register content.

◆ timer_handle

cy_timer_t volatile cy_stc_sw_timer_t::timer_handle[TIMER_NUM_TIMERS]

Handle for software timers.

◆ num_active

uint8_t volatile cy_stc_sw_timer_t::num_active

Number of active timers.

◆ total_active

uint8_t volatile cy_stc_sw_timer_t::total_active

Total number of active timers.

◆ is_callback

bool volatile cy_stc_sw_timer_t::is_callback

Flag indicating whether invoked from timer callback.