Cypress PSoC 6 Bluetooth Low Energy Middleware Library 3.60
Supported Software and Tools

This version of the PSoC 6 BLE Middleware was validated for compatibility with the following Software and Tools:

Software and Tools Version
ModusToolbox Software Environment 2.0
- ModusToolbox Device Configurator 2.0
- ModusToolbox BT Personality in Device Configurator 1.1
- ModusToolbox BT Configurator tool 2.0
GCC Compiler 7.2.1
IAR Compiler 8.32
Arm Compiler 6 (Note 1) 6.11

Note 1 The PSoC 6 BLE Middleware includes the pre-compiled libraries for Arm Compiler 6. They are built with the following options to be compatible with ModusToolbox and MBED:
'-fshort-enums' - Set the size of an enumeration type to the smallest data type that can hold all enumerator values.
'-fshort-wchar' - Set the size of wchar_t to 2 bytes.
To operate in custom environments with Arm Compiler 6, apply the above mentioned build options.