Cypress PSoC 6 Bluetooth Low Energy Middleware Library 3.60
IAS Definitions and Data Structures

General Description

Contains the IAS specific definitions and data structures used in the IAS API.

Data Structures

struct  cy_stc_ble_iass_t
 Structure with Immediate Alert Service attribute handles. More...
struct  cy_stc_ble_ias_char_value_t
 Immediate Alert Service Characteristic Value parameters structure. More...
struct  cy_stc_ble_iasc_t
 Structure with Discovered Attributes Information of Immediate Alert Service. More...
struct  cy_stc_ble_iass_config_t
 Service configuration structure (server) More...
struct  cy_stc_ble_iasc_config_t
 Service Configuration structure (client) More...


enum  cy_en_ble_ias_char_index_t {
 Immediate Alert Service Characteristic indexes. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ cy_en_ble_ias_char_index_t

Immediate Alert Service Characteristic indexes.


Alert Level Characteristic index.


Total Count of Characteristics.